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Who We Serve

We have two types of relationships at Flare Media – client direct and agency partnerships. With client direct, we work closely with savvy businesses and organizations who need an efficient and effective media strategy. Most of our client direct relationships have creative capabilities in-house; however, we help connect our clients to content developers and designers when needed.

In our agency partnerships, we team up with small to mid-size marketing/advertising firms that may not have a dedicated media department but yet have clients with a media need. Because of our backgrounds and experience, we work well in an agency environment. Adapting to company culture and processes, we work seamlessly with inter-departmental teams to help drive success for their clients.

What We Do

Digital Display

Banners, Rich Media,
Mobile & More

Our in-house platform allows us to be fully immersed in digital campaigns. From setup to optimizations and reporting, we have our clients covered.

Paid Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & More

The social media landscape is ever-changing. We help our clients navigate the space from a paid media perspective, executing campaigns that deliver real results.

Search Engine Marketing

Google, Bing & More

Paid search is key for direct response. Using competitive research, we ensure our keyword selection and bidding strategies put our clients in front of the right people at the right time.


Terrestrial, Satellite, Internet

From local to network – we’ve managed it all in the radio realm, including online streaming. Our recommendations provide an overview of the landscape catered to each client.


Broadcast, Cable,
Connected Device

TV has expanded beyond traditional broadcast and cable networks to include online connected devices. We help our clients understand which approach fits with their business goals.


Newspaper, Magazine

Nationally, regionally and locally, print still serves a purpose in the media world.  But is it the best medium given your goals and target audience? We provide our clients with the answer.


Vinyl Billboards, Digital Bulletins, Posters & More

Whether the need is directional units to support 50+ stores or a single high-impact unit, we sift through the inventory to find the best options for our clients.


Movie Theater, Gas Station Media & More

Utilizing gas station, bar and movie theater media as well as door-hangers and mobile billboards, we can think outside the box when it comes to achieving client goals.